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Q:  What is SEEE4Yourself?

A:  It's our invitation to you to join us in discovering our unique sexuality through non-traditional sexuality education, events, and excursions hosted at the KNKY SHWS and beyond.

Q:  How does SEEE4Yourself help you discover your unique sexuality?

A:  KNKY is owned by a black woman with a mission to change the world through positive sexuality.  This means finding creative ways to give permission, educate or re-educate, and give space to discover what our unique sexuality means to us.  Check out the events and group dating pages for more information.  More paths to sexual self-discovery are eminent.  

Q:  Are you required to have sex when you SEEE4Yourself?

A:  Absolutely not!  KNKY is about helping us grow as a community where sexuality is not anything to be ashamed of and discovering who you are in the scheme of it is a personal journey.  We are here are to help you along the way.  That being said, sex is definitely at the forefront of what we do and say so come in and be you!

Q:  How often does SEEE4Yourslef get together?

A:  Right now, we are planning for once a month but the more popular they become the more we can get together.  Check out the events page for the most current information.

Q:  What if I want to do a private SEEE4Yourself party?

A:  Our events are hosted at the KNKY SHWS.  We are all one big family.  If you want to book the house or design your own party just submit a booking request.

Q:  How do I stay connected to what SEEE4Yourself is doing?

A:  Join KNKY for free and look out for exclusives coming for members including discounts, free exclusive information and advanced notice on SEEE4Yourself excursions currently being planned.

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