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Does the size of the Penis really matter ?

The size of a man’s private part is usually a hot topic among women. However, if you think that size matters when it comes to sexual satisfaction, think again. Not only is size irrelevant, it’s only an issue because of perceptions. Of course the size can't be ignored, but it isn't the sole determinant.

 “There are a number of issues that lead to this topic being the talk of the town. They include professional pornography, which rarely shows men who are average or relatively less endowed. This leads to the perception that bigger is better. Another reason women think size matters is due to a lack of understanding of their own bodies. 

When it comes to getting the most pleasure during sexual intercourse, it comes down to his technique, not size. "Orgasms have more to do with skill than size. Add to his skill your understanding of your body and you get amazing sex .

A woman who knows her body is able to tell her partner what to do and how to do it. 

For example, help him find your G-spot, which is an area inside the vagina that’s believed to lead to an orgasm if stimulated properly.  If you prefer a big one but get something smaller, you should not despair – some positions are better than others when it comes to making the most of a manhood that’s on the smaller side. “If a woman is on top, she is able to move the manhood to all the areas she prefers as she is in control. You can also try doggy style, which makes it easy for the man to intensely thrust and reach the G-spot. Also try positions such as the modified missionary position and reverse cowgirl.

Whether you like it big or size doesn’t matter;  in the end, good quality sex comes down to the two of you. “It takes two to tango; couples must work together and be creative to ensure making love is fun and interesting. A relationship needs to be taken care of 24/7 and that sex is only a part of it. I agree that sexual satisfaction is very crucial for relationship survival, but if you feel like your man is on the small side, you can make up for it by making sure that you enjoy each other.

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