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Is making a sex tape with your lover a good idea, or do the cons outweigh the pros? Could making sex

It catapulted Kim Kardashian to instant stardom, and many celebrities like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson followed suit.

Sex tapes may have been taboo before these scandals, but they brought instant fame and fortune to these celebrities.

However, there is a flip side: making a sex tape has been known to land people in hot water. Many will remember the Joost van der Westhuizen scandal, when the alleged sex tape that surfaced not only got tongues wagging, but possibly cost him his marriage and career.

And who can forget the prison warder and police officer whose sex tape filmed while on duty a few of years ago cost them both their jobs.

Is making a sex tape with your lover a good idea, or do the cons outweigh the pros? Could making sex tapes re-ignite the passion in the bedroom? Are they a vain indulgence?

First, lets delve into why people make sex tapes in the first place.

There could be various reasons why people video tape while having sex with their partner(s).

I am mentioning few of them, which I believe in ..

Fetish: Different people have different people fetish, there is a possibility that those who record themselves while having sex {with/without consent of the other partner(s)} getting filmed while having sex gives them more pleasure or they just like it that way.

Keeping memory: Yeah, some people have a habit of keeping/recording memories/moments, so for then having sex is a moment & so there is a possibility that they do this to keep it as a memory. {with/without consent of their partner(s)}

Another fetish: Some people like to have sex while watching Porn. So this fetish might have give them an idea of recording themself so that they can watch it the next time, they are having sex. (With mutual consent, of course)

For show-off: Some people, usually young lads (male), like to show-off their sex moments with their friends, that they had sex & blah, blah, without caring what they are doing is an offence. This usually gave rise to leaked tapes/clips.

Defame someone: Whether it be male or female, both can easily be defamed, if their sexual clips are leaked by someone intentionally. Though female partners are framed most of the times, in such clips face of the executor is blurred & victim's is highlighted

Its important to understand that sexual stimuli differ for men and women, because they respond more strongly to it than women do. This is why pornographic magazines and videos are more directed at men, since they consume it on a greater scale. Out of approximately 40 million adults who visit porn websites annually, 72 percent are male, while only 28 percent are female.

So, does this make men inclined to pitch the idea of a sex tape? Yes !

Men are visual. All you have to do is take a quick glance at the profits for the porn industry to know I’m right. And if they have a partner who’s ready and willing to make a sex tape, which is porn, it doesn’t get much better for them. They get to have sex and watch the sex, while possibly having more sex, creating levels of pleasure.

What do you make of sex tapes - cool or uncool?

Would you be comfortable enough to get down with your partner when while the camera rolls on, capturing and saving the moments for you enjoy later?

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1 Comment

Jerriel Chester
Jerriel Chester
Oct 25, 2021

I actually don't have anything with it...infact. I think it's kinky, However it should be of mutual agreement. That's my take

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