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I have been working on my KNKY elevator speech.  Let me know your thoughts:

KNKY, pronounced Kinky 😊, stands for Know the New Kinky You and it’s a platform that creates a safe space for open and honest dialogue and expressions about sex, love and relationships, especially in the Black Community.  KNKY offers coaching sessions, workshops, events and intimacy services to create experiences that help people reach their sexual goals and have fully satisfying sex lives.

Work in the adult and mature industry. KNKY hosts many different events, shares a lot of interesting content, and manages an online community, let's network.

As a business woman, I rely on partners to provide education and services that I cannot directly.  I am a proponent of ensuring my clients get the best experience so outsourcing some services to more qualified professionals is an enhancement to the success of KNKY and is a win-win for all.  Today, I offer intimacy services that include private cooking sessions, semi-nude boudoir photography, intimate videography and massage therapy however the possibilities are endless. These service providers are Independent Contractors working with a service agreement.  Work is booked in advance based on availability and pricing is pre-negotiated.

I need to build a team of professional, licensed resources that understand how important sex and intimacy is for healthy and fulfilling lives. For services that I already offer I am looking to expand the available number of service providers.  If you are local to the DC area and work as a massage therapist who is in tune with their sexual side and can teach individuals and couples how to perform sensual massage, then this is an opportunity for you. If you are a professional cook or chef and love the idea of teaching couples’ ways to cook together to build intimacy or you understand how different foods have aphrodisiac properties and want to create meals as a private chef, then this is an opportunity for you.  If you are a professional photographer or videographer who understands how capturing images of our sexual selves in flattering and body positive ways or how video of our intimate moments can take our sex lives to the next level, then this is an opportunity for you.

It doesn’t stop there because, again, the possibilities are endless.  I have a knack for being able to see the sexuality in almost anything.  Perhaps your service has the potential to be KNKY, but you aren’t sure. Reach out to me and let’s see what we can do together.  Ever heard of Sexercise? Well, I’m looking for personal trainers to host workshops for couples and individuals. What about Feng Shui?  A great interior designer can help promote nourishing, vibrant and sensual energy or perhaps go a bit further and create a personal pleasure room with treasures galore. Perhaps you are a natural with people and like hosting small parties.  If so, then working as a Pleasure Party host is your speed. Perhaps you are an artist who revels in the space of eroticism. There’s a place on the KNKY team for you too. And if not you but you know someone who would fit well then spread the word.  Bottom line is I work for you. I make money when you make money.

Business opportunities in the adult industry. Work with KNKY for an opportunity to make more money and expand your network.

The other side of KNKY is the Center for Black Sexuality, which is intended to be a repository of information about all things related to Black sexuality.  As I collect resources, I can create a free one stop shop for people across the country and eventually the world to connect with service providers in their area.  The sex positive movement is underway, and I want to create a collaborative and cooperative space for the exchange of information for the benefit of all. Spread the word and become a part of the movement.  Don’t you wish you were having the best sex possible? Don’t you wish everyone was? Maybe the world would be a better place. Make love not war!!

Subscribe to the website to stay current on KNKY information.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter and LinkedIn @DoYouKNKY.  Join my private group on Facebook. I need you in order for this to be successful.  Looking forward to our future together.

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