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Stress less; Sex more

The everyday stressors of life—from work to cleaning the house to making dinner to paying bills—keeps most of us from maintaining consistent and thorough self-care routines and by self-care, I mean masturbating.

Unfortunately, the effects of stress can trickle down into our sex lives. As a result, many of us devote minimal time to exploring, embracing, and enjoying our own bodies. When we haven't developed a comfortable and intimate relationship with ourselves, it's nearly impossible to cultivate a comfortable and intimate sexual relationship with someone else.

When you create the space to feel, explore, and love your own body, you are better able to communicate what you want, what you crave, and what makes you feel fulfilled.

This interaction between mind and body can have some significant implications for emotional and physical health, both in and out of the bedroom.

Positive emotions such as joy, relaxation, and excitement help boost physical pleasure and satisfaction. At the same time, distraction, irritability, and stress can all settle into your body, affecting your ability to remain present and fully enjoy sexual experiences — from G- to X-rated — as they come.

Here’s the good news: Improvements in one area often yield similar improvements in the other.

In other words, increase your emotional awareness. Check in regularly with yourself, and when you feel stressed or overwhelmed, take a break. Take care of yourself. Trust me, I know when things get hard sex can be the last thing on your mind but sex, good sex, can be just the thing to take your mind off of your problems/to-do list. It can literally brighten your day.

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