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Know the New Kinky You

K - Know yourself and your partner.  Honest communication is key and sex should never be performed in a vacuum.


N  - New is a great thing.  Don't be afraid to try things you never have before.  Experimentation and variety are the spice of life.

K  - Kinky is what you make of it.  Remove fear and give yourself permission to experience your deepest sexual desires.

Y  - You cum first.  There will always be things in life that feel more important than having sex.  Never neglect your needs.

Our Mission


KNKY's mission is to teach you how to connect or re-connect with your partner to promote intimacy, enhance desire and pleasure ability and to awaken a passion so deep that the strangest...we mean strongest urges you have for each other ignite your souls.

Our Customers


Are you sexually inquisitive?  Our customers are people just like you. Working professionals who understand the importance of having a healthy sexual life.  By getting to know us you you will get to Know the New Kinky You!

Turn Good into Great

Turn Great into Amazing and

Turn Amazing into KNKY

Our Business


Shani Jones is an Intimate Relationship Coach and  small, minority business owner. KNKY operates as a multi-service pleasure provider to enhance the sexual health and experiences of mature and consenting adults. Our business is to help couples by exposing them to  opportunities for ultimate pleasure by offering products, events and services that give you permission to enjoy sex the way you have always wanted.

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