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Black Sexuality and Cultural Awareness

KNKY was created to serve as a platform to discuss sex and sexuality as well as their implications in the Black community.  My events, specifically, are held to highlight the impact of historical and cultural biases on and of Black people regarding our views on sex.  It’s about creating awareness and dialogue about our sexual mentality and that requires multiple perspectives. There is no universal truth. Just because you’re Black and I’m Black doesn’t mean our stories are the same yet we have a shared history that just isn’t the same as people of other cultures.  

That doesn’t mean that we don’t all have an opportunity to learn. KNKY is in no way an exclusionary business. In fact, sex is right up there with food and music on ways to bring people together. There is a need for perspective and perspective is only valuable with variation. I welcome everyone to join in the dialogue.  All races, all ages, all religions. With greater communication comes greater understanding. There are a lot of things we have in common and for the things we don’t let’s take these opportunities to have an honest dialogue about it. Slavery happened. We are where we are. So now what?

Black Sexuality Matters - How to improve your sex life and relationship

We are not the people our ancestors were…at least not most of us.  We have evolved. We have learned. We have prospered. Yet, most of us still don’t talk openly about sex?  Why not? My mother attended the very beginning my June 9th Launch Event.  She is extremely proud of me but her words to me were “We just didn’t talk about this stuff in my day.”  I ask again, why not? Sex is how most of us got here. It serves an evolutionary purpose. It also feels great when he eats my pussy and he loves when I suck his dick.  No one is getting pregnant so we are doing it just for fun. My guess is that if you are reading this you are unlikely to be a virgin. If you are then call me, we’ll talk.  For my non-virgins, you have at times played or made love or had sex or had coitus (shout out to the Big Bang Theory) or fucked. It happens.

I want to continue the conversation.  There aren’t many of us willing to do it but we are getting better about it and we can push forward the momentum.  I want us to share experiences. I want us to change, evolve and transform the way we know about sex. I need your help though.  I need other people to challenge how things are today. Today becomes yesterday so quickly that we must be diligent about what we do for our tomorrow.  Help me elevate how we, a Black community, as well as our global community view Black Love, Black Family and Black Sex.

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