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Is coital alignment technique the most underrated sex style ?

You may well have already been doing the CAT, possibly unaware you were doing it. Or you’re a pro-sex-haver and have been CAT-ing it up since the nineties. Either way, we could all do with an explainer. So, what is the coital alignment technique.

Put simply, it’s the act of changing the position the penis penetrates the vagina (yes, pals, unfortunately this position is specifically for P in V action, although you may feel free to swap out the penis for a dildo). It’s credited for being one of the few guy on top positions in which women are likely to orgasm. The woman lies on her back with her legs open, the man goes on top, same as your usual missionary position. But rather than thrusting in and out, the man instead moves his body forward so his head is slightly above her head, a few inches higher up than usual. Take a look at the illustration below this post for some guidance. The idea is that by doing this the penis will be angled slightly downwards, hitting the back wall of the vagina, while the base of the penis rubs against the clitoris.

After you’ve achieved the right angle, it’s time to get this position pumping. Well, not actually pumping… since the key to this position is slow, sensual, soft, and subtle rocking motions rather than thrusts. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but I promise… with a little practice, this technique is totally worthwhile. With delicate and controlled movements, rocking up and down rather than back and forth, you should be able to feel his shaft rub against your clitoris, providing the pleasure you need to reach a strong sex-fueled orgasm. His penis will not be totally inside you, as much of it should be facing downward pressing up against your clitoris… but try to keep at least he tip inside while you sync your own hip rocking together with his, and give the first two inches of your vagina a bit of a ride, too. Repeat this rock and ride motion, gently pushing your pelvises and hips together, moving in sync, as you maintain constant pleasure and stimulation. Soon, you’ll find the perfect groove to enjoy the sensations together.

For max stimulation of your clitoris, the key is to tilt your own hips slightly upward to meet his, and keeps your legs as straight and close as possible, or even wrapped around his, to make sure your clitoris is stimulated with as pin-point precision as possible. If you go all spread eagle, your hips won’t be able to arch up in the same way, and you’ll lose the additional sensation of his pelvis and penis pushing your vaginal lips onto your clitoris… the ultimate pleasure push.

Remember, since this position focuses on slow, subtle rocking motions, your man won’t be getting the deep penetration he craves. Often, the Cat is perfect for getting your clitoral orgasm first, then he may need to switch to a position with more thrust and power after. Even so, your orgasm is totally important (if not the most important) so go for it, girl! Make the most out of the sexy time you have together, and promise to return the favor after he brings you back from the moon.

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