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Ten mind blowing reasons to prioritize early morning sex

Ten mind blowing reasons to prioritize early morning sex.

1) Improves blood circulation therefore reducing blood pressure.

2) Flushes out 300 calories an hour, reducing your chances of diabetes.

3) You don’t have to worry about migraine.

4) Joint pains especially arthritis will ease.

5) Sex without condoms will leave you happier and ward off depression.

6) Natural glow is what we are looking for, this could be your answer.

7) The release of hormones guarantees silky shining hair.

8) Sexual anxiety takes a backseat, nothing can bring you down.

9) Improves your immunity by increasing the production of antibody IgA.

10) Men can last longer, since they're fresh from a night's rest and its a great way to wake up and energize yourself.

Gotten enough motivation already ? ....Don't forget sex can always be enjoyed at any period of the day and week; but don't miss out on these mind blowing benefits!

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