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The Whole-Self Assessment, Action Plan and Coaching Approach

There is significant scientific research on the validity of testing personal aspects of ourselves.  Meyers – Briggs is one of the most well-known and replicated personality tests. Other types of tests include whole brain testing from the Hermann Brain Development Institute, 360 Evaluations, Emergenetics and Emotional Intelligence.  Many of these tools are used in global organizations to develop high functioning teams and well-rounded and influential leaders.

In personal relationships, a couple serves as a team that supports each other to produce optimal outcomes that promote their mutual, successful advancement.  Individuals serve in leadership roles by taking ownership of certain aspects of the relationship. Success as a team and as a leader depends on our ability to understand who we are, the people around us, how we best interact with each other to promote our strengths and how to motivate positive change in areas for improvement.


The importance of a positive sex life in a relationship

As a twenty-year public service veteran of the District government I have seen countless examples of dysfunctional and highly functional teams and leaders.  As a leader within organizations I have used these tools to help drive organizational change towards optimal performance and cohesion.

Now, as an Intimate Relationship Coach, I take the skills I have acquired using these tools to build couples into high functioning teams and well-rounded and influential leaders.  KNKY stands for Know the New Kinky You and, to quote from a popular television show, knowing is half the battle. The other half is knowing how to enact a plan to put what you know into actions to help develop a better you.

My unique personal evaluation model is derived from analyzing the results of each of these tests, using proven testing methods, to develop a comprehensive assessment of your whole self.  We will look at the commonalities and outliers of the test results and validate them through affirmation based on your specific life experiences. From there, together we will develop an action plan based on your sexual SMART goals. Finally, we will develop an action plan to facilitate our coaching sessions to help you achieve these goals.

At the end of our time together you will be empowered by the knowledge of who you are and who you want to be as a sexually empowered person with a tangible plan to turn your goals into reality.

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