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What does Sexual Freedom mean to You?

I am very fortunate to currently be attending the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Arlington, VA.  This is my first conference, primarily because I never knew they existed, and I encourage everyone to attend this and conferences like it.  It’s profound how much your knowledge is tested when around a diverse group of people that share a common goal, sexual freedom for all, and have multifaceted views, methods and means on how to achieve it.  Sexual freedom is a basic, Creator given right of life for everyone and as long as consent is freely given, who and how you decide to have sex is your damn business.

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I have had the chance to meet so many interesting people that I likely would have never met otherwise.  I have been introduced to different lifestyle options, views on the impact of White supremacy on feminist ideals, work my DC government is doing to advance the Sex Positive movement and even new language around gender identity and orientation.  I may not have been able to directly relate to or even agree with some of the views being shared but I value the safe space that was created to have the conversations.

I am a project and program manager by professional trade.  I am at the start of my journey as a sexual freedom advocate and I am inspired by all the people here.  Sex is a natural, normal part of life. It’s something most of us engage in at some point in our lives. We are entitled to a healthy, pleasurable and satisfying sex life for our entire lives.  

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I started KNKY because I’ve met so many people who either didn’t have a sex life, especially those married and committed relationship.  People who didn’t enjoy their sex lives, so they just dealt with it or stepped out on their relationships. People who had interest in trying something new but didn’t know how to talk to their partners.  People who had a certain fetish, kink or idiosyncrasy and questioned its normalcy. People who wanted relationships but weren’t comfortable in social settings, shy or lacked self confidence and esteem. People who were unhappy with their bodies and avoided intimacy.  I have met a lot of people who felt they were alone and had no one to talk to.

Since I have started I have been struggling to figure out how to engage you and get you talking about sex and sexuality.  This is a co-creation to create a safe space, like the one I am in today, so that we can build a community of people who are no longer afraid and seek the opportunity to be their best sexual selves.  It’s hard. I am constantly refining. I have been thinking I realize that I haven’t offered you anything. Nothing about me and nothing for you. I am fixing that.

Future post will include information that is hopefully new and helpful to you.  I am offering a free Q&A service for those who want professional consultation for questions, issues or concerns.  I am going to host a weekly virtual event called KNKY Fridays where people can join and have a place to discuss topics impacting sex, sexuality, intimacy and relationships.  As a sexual freedom advocate, I make myself available to you. You can connect with me on my website or through social media. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube @DoYouKNKY.  I want to talk about what’s important to you and help you journey to sexual freedom.

Know the New Kinky You!!

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