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Put simply, an anal O is the result of sexual stimulation of the nerves in and around the anus. The anus is [packed] with nerves, especially the incredibly erogenous pudendal nerve—which connects to the clitoris,p. The pudendal nerve carries sensation to and from your perineum, reaching your vagina, vulva, and anus, too.

What does this kind of orgasm feel like?  it can be described as being similar to a clitoral orgasm—a pulse of pleasurable contractions, but this time around the anal sphincter. Others may feel more of a "spreading wave" of pleasure.

How to get started and experience one :

Some women may hit this high note during pentrative anal sex with their partner's penis, while others get there via lighter touching or using toys. Like any other kind of orgasm, there's no "right" way to do it, and every woman has her own technique depending on what feels good for her body and her own comfort level.

That said, the way to get started is to experiment. Pleasurable anal play can happen with an anal vibrator, plug or beads, a penis or dildo, finger play, annulingus, really anything. Like any kind of sex session, you'll want to get things going with ample amounts of foreplay, such as touching, kissing, and vaginal and clitoral stimulation. From there, ease into it : Take it slow, use your hands, help your partner relax, and make sure you’re both comfortable.

Once you're relaxed and ready, begin with a tongue or finger to gently stimulate the area of the anus. When you’re aroused, try to ease one finger or tip of a plug inside. The muscles will open up naturally so the plug or finger can go inside. If you have to force it, you're not ready.

Reaching anal o-town :

From there, you can try something bigger—a plug, strap-on dildo, or penis, for example. If the plug or finger easily slide in and out of the anus without discomfort, you may want to move into penetrative sex. If you opt for a toy, i suggest one that is slightly longer than your finger, no wider than two fingers, non-textured, and made of a flexible material.

As you get more into it, your anal area may start feeling super pleasurable sensations, even a buildup of pressure that segues into contraction-like waves. If what you experience isn't quite the release you usual feel when you orgasm, it should still feel good.

If you're experiencing amazing sensations but you're not quite reaching climax but you keep trying, take a deep breath—and take the idea of having an orgasm off the table. Pressure, stress, and anxiety are the biggest blockers of orgasm. Try staying in the moment when you explore the sensations of anal play. As with any kind of orgasm, don’t let the end game become the whole game

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