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The TriPod

Penis Enhancement Pump

  • [STIMULATES] Stimulates blood flow to the penis to create a more pronounced erection for enhanced pleasure
  • [HYPOALLERGENIC] Made from medical grade silicone and durable ABS plastic, body-safe, non-toxic and odorless, soft and easy to wash
  • [BATTERY OPERATED] Battery operated vacuum pump (3 AAA batteries; not included)
  • [SUCTION] Gradually increasing suction levels to find the optimal pressure to reach the ideal size
  • [GIFT] FREE cock ring included to help maintain results

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, thick, juicy....steak?  And like a great steak, it can sometimes take a penis time to get to the level of perfection we enjoy so much.  Even if you don’t eat steak, you know what I’m REALLY talking about.  The Tripod is a natural way to get the same results as Viagra and Cialis without the sometimes-nasty side effects.  You start to see the results as soon as you use it and after you orgasm your erection will go down naturally.  The TriPod got its name because it gives you that 3rd leg that will keep you standing stronger and longer.  There’s a simple suction action....and we know you aren’t afraid of a little sucking...that you use until you reach your desired end state.  A free cock ring is included as an extra thank you.  If you want to have more control over your erections order The TriPod today. 

The Tripod Male Enhancement Pump

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